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Fully Guided Full Arch Solutions for the Dental Lab

17 Jun 2021, 01:00 AM Brussels

The approach to implant dentistry as a lab technician has changed. The digital landscape offers many solutions for a laboratory today from keeping all of the workflow in house, to outsourcing parts of the process to achieve maximum efficiency. This program will show how lab technicians can get involved in fully guided full arch solutions... View Article

Live Webinar

Enhancing Patient Experience using Smile in a box

Jonathan Hunter Dawson DMD

Enhancing Patient Experience using Smile in a box

20 May 2021, 01:00 AM Brussels

Description: Understanding the diagnostic and communication parameters that will streamline your clinical workflows is key to enhancing the patient experience.  Preparation, Planning, and Protocols utilizing Smile in the box will improve the Patient Experience for patients receiving dental implant therapy in your practice.  This webinar will focus on the patient centered outcome measures that SIAB... View Article

On Demand Webinar

Integrating Guided Surgery Concept in Clinical Practice

Ricardo Mitrani DDS

Integrating Guided Surgery Concept in Clinical Practice

Team Communication, treatment planning and execution represent the 3 pillars of interdisciplinary Implant therapy.

Emdogain FL – Der minimalinvasive Weg zu neuem parodontalen Attachment

In diesem Webinar werden die Grundlagen der regenerativen Parodontitistherapie, von der Diagnostik bis zur Nachsorge, anschaulich dargestellt.

Implant rehabilitation in geriatric patients with comorbidities

When tooth loss occurs later in life, ageing and multimorbidity impact dental treatment decisions. There is sufficient evidence to state that the mandibular implant overdenture is a well-established treatment modality, certainly in non-dependent edentulous individuals, but little is known on the very old and geriatric edentulous patients with comorbidities. They often present unfavourable anatomical conditions and effects of the multiple medications for their chronic conditions. The present webinar therefore describes the use of minimal-invasive and simple treatment concepts for elderly, edentulous patients and discusses the risks of implant placement that are related to their medical conditions. It further highlights possible complications which may arise with the onset of dependency and/or frailty and advises further simplification of the implant-restorations when needed. Recall and maintenance in this group of patients is crucial to assure the patients’ benefit from the intervention

Removable dentures, a viable treatment option for edentulous patients

The use of osseointegrated implants for the stabilization of mandibular complete dentures is one of the great achievements in modern dentistry. It is well documented in the literature that the stabilization of lower dentures with two implants reduces peri-implant bone atrophy, increases chewing efficiency, reduces masseter muscle atrophy, and improves the patient’s oral health related quality of life significantly. Diagnostic prerequisites for backward planning as well as the use of two-piece as well as small diameter one-piece implants will be considered. In an approach that considers the general functional capacity and possible functional decline of the elderly edentulous patient a staged approach for the choice overdentures attachments will be discussed.

Utilizing contemporary digital technology, from 3D implant planning to patient acceptance.

Innovative digital technology has given us the ability to diagnose and treatment plan our patients more accurately and more efficiently.  This allows us to create a functional esthetic restoration in a more predictable efficient manner utilizing a team approach.  The previous methods utilizing standardized space measurements to position dental implants creates restorations that are not... View Article

On Demand Webinar

The Bone-Implant Void: Managing the Gap

Dr. Phil Walton

The Bone-Implant Void: Managing the Gap

Amidst various technologies and treatment options for replacement of one’s tooth, dental implants have become the standard of care in present day practice.

Implant surface, a key factor for-long term implant performance

The implant surface is a key factor for the long-terem stability of dental implants. Today, hybrid design implants are clearly prefered by our team, such as Tissue Level Implants. They have a hydrophilic, micro-rough implant surface for the endosseous portion of the jaw to optimize implant anchorage. The best documented micro-rough implant surface is SLActive. In the neck area, a machined, smooth implant surface is present in the transrestal area to promote a healthy peri-implant mucosa with long-term stability

On Demand Webinar

Indication-based abutment selection

Dr. Julia-Gabriela Wittneben

Indication-based abutment selection

The possibilities and expectations of achieving a successful functional and esthetic outcome have been raised with the evolution of implant designs, prosthetic components and dental materials. Even after a successful surgical approach, the prosthodontic finalization remains challenging. The overall focus of this webinar will remain on the selection of implant abutments more specifically, focusing on different indications, materials and abutment types. Especially the selection of implant abutments in the esthetic zone seems still challenging and has an influence on the final esthetic result. This will be highlighted also in respect to the evidence concerning retention type (screw versus cement). All aspects of the lecture will be presented with reference to contemporary literature and clinical studies. The objective of this lecture is therefore to provide a summary of the clinical evidence which is of relevance to the practitioners perspective of implant prosthetic treatment

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