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From esthetic to function- Analog vs Digital

This lecture will describe the esthetic wokflow with analog and digital approach to achieve function and ethestic step by step.

Nowdays technology in dentistry has evolved to the next level. We can use many tools like oral scanner, face scanner, digital mandibular analyzer, 3D printer and milling machine to improving the efficiency in daily practice. In esthetic dentistry, we can create the digital worklflow from extraoral and intraoral the photo/video recording integrated with 3D intraoral scanning to analyze and create 3D digital smile design treatment planning. With the 3D printed model, we can apply the mock-up to evaluate the outcome of treatment plan and prepare the tooth through the mock-up with microscope to preserve the tooth structure. The final prosthesis will be milled from the machine according the treatment planning. The mail goal of the report is describe the digital workflow from the planning to realization integrated with esthetics and function.

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