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Implant surface, a key factor for-long term implant performance

The implant surface is a key factor for the long-terem stability of dental implants. Today, hybrid design implants are clearly prefered by our team, such as Tissue Level Implants. They have a hydrophilic, micro-rough implant surface for the endosseous portion of the jaw to optimize implant anchorage. The best documented micro-rough implant surface is SLActive. In the neck area, a machined, smooth implant surface is present in the transrestal area to promote a healthy peri-implant mucosa with long-term stability

Learning objectives: Understand the concept of a Hybrid Design Implant Know the advantages of a hydrophilic, micro-rough implant surface to optimize implant anchorage Know, why a smooth implant surface is advantageous to maintain a healthy peri-implant mucosa

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